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We are VOICES, the publication for Maze Row Wine Merchant.

We explore and share the best in wine and culture. Ours is an inclusive community bound by a true passion for wine. And our mission is simple: to bring you a collection of articles by wine writers and connoisseurs, bold thinkers, and cutting-edge creatives.

VOICES speaks to curious minds who want to delve into the life of wine, connect with experts and educators, are excited by the artists and mavericks who collectively help make the wine scene progressive and exciting.

Our guiding philosophy is: In wine, we find life.

Join our club. Get involved. Share your lens.

Editorial: Spinach Branding

Nargess Banks, editorial direction
Adam Thomas, creative direction
Leigh Banks, content direction
Simon Ward, art direction and design
Rob Lawson, product photography
Helen Cathcart and Roberto Fortunato, producer photography

Marketing: Maze Row

Joe C. Gallo, founder, Maze Row Wine Merchant
Suzanne Denevan-Brown, content strategy
Emma Mrkonic, content strategy

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